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Cherry Tree Warren
breeders of
Netherland Dwarf and Mini Lop rabbits

Choc Tort Mini Lop doe

Cherry Tree Warren is located in Victoria, Australia and we are a small and friendly rabbitry. We welcome visitors and are proud to let them see all our bunnies in their day to day living environments.

Cherry Tree Warren was started by Susie Beard and Ruby Smith in 2006, inspired by Ned, a gorgeous Black Otter Netherland Dwarf buck. Breeding rabbits has developed into a wonderful hobby and although it hasn't been without a little heartache at times it continues to be an absolute joy seeing the bunnies and their babies grow up and having such fun and freedom.

Starting our own website has been a great indoor hobby too.


Susie started off with Netherland Dwarfs in England some 35 years ago 'they have always been my favourite breed, so tiny, and so full of character!'

Ruby encouraged a move towards the Mini Lops which has come a long way over the years 'they are so gorgeous and cuddly, I can't leave them alone!'

Recently we have concentrated on the Chocolate and Broken Chocolate colours which has been a success with the Mini Lops but is still very much in development for the Netherland Dwarfs.


'Penelope' Broken Chocolate Mini Lop doe

After starting off with just a couple of each breed we now have a wonderful space to house 21 bunnies which includes our oldies enjoying a happy retirement here at the warren!

All our rabbits get lots of attention every day and each has a large hutch and an exercise pen on the grass with tunnels, toys and pots of herbs to play with. They eat a variety of fresh vegetables, dried rabbit food mix and have good quality grass hay for eating and bedding. This all ensures they are very happy and healthy bunnies.

The Warren in 2016

We are members of the American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club (ANDRC) and responsibly abide by their rules and by-laws to enhance and protect the future of the breeds.

Thank-you for visiting our website - enjoy!


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