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Fact Sheets

At Cherry Tree Warren we are often asked the same questions regularly. In these Fact Sheets we have tried to answer those popular questions and to expand on the basics included in our Care Guide which goes with every bunny that leaves here.

We can't possibly cover everything, we discover new things all the time, and sometimes it all comes down to your bunny, your circumstances and your preferences. But we've tried our best!

If you would like to see a Fact Sheet that is not listed here please let us know, all suggestions and comments are welcome.

Am I a Registered Breeder?

Bonding with Your Rabbit & Training Tips

Buying a Rabbit ~ Handy Hints

Introducing & Bonding Rabbits

Mini Lop or Netherland Dwarf?

One Pet Rabbit ~ Is Male or Female Best?

One Rabbit or Two?

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs Together

Summer Survival (courtesy of Romany Rabbits)

The following Fact Sheets are coming soon:
Build Your Own Indoor Cage
Chocolate Genes
Toilet Training

Please don't buy a rabbit under the age of 8 weeks,
it could be a death sentence


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