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My Family & Other Animals

A good title for a book but really it's just our photo gallery...



just checking if the hutch is clean

I love playing with water!

Cherry ~ This is Cherry, official mascot to the warren and spoodle extraordinaire!



Lexie ~ This is Lexie, a new addition to the family. She's a Chocolate Toy Poodle and is still a puppy - this was her first haircut!


Ruby & Choccy

Ruby & Choccy ~ Snuggle time


Cherry & Choccy

Cherry & Choccy ~ Pinching the groceries, you'd think we never fed them!


Ruby & Nelly

Ruby & Nelly ~ Taken when Nelly was just a baby


Susie & Ruby

Susie & Ruby ~ enjoying a family Christmas



Jack at CFA ~ so very proud of my nephew


Nana & Gill

Nana & Gill ~ my Mum and Sister (aka The Rabbit-Sitters)


Ruby & Angus

Ruby & Angus ~ Ruby with her dog, Angus, a Maltipoo!



Harry ~ my nephew, check out the hair!


Paul & Carolyn

Our Paul ~ my brother, taken in Whitby on his 50th Birthday. He lives in England and we all miss him heaps, I love this photo!


Sunset over the warren

Sunset in Mornington ~ Ruby took this awesome photo from the veranda looking out over the warren



Frank the Frog ~ one of many!



Swallow ~ one of our friendly swallows on the washing line


Ruby & Cheeky

Shhhh, Ruby's baby is asleep!



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