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Bunnies For Sale

It is with great sadness that we announce Cherry Tree Warren is unfortunately no longer breeding bunnies. Due to health reasons I am giving up my beloved hobby to put myself first. I will keep some of my adult bunnies as they are my pets first and foremost, a couple of younger breeding does will go to Shabri Stud in Hastings and I will be re-homing a few other young rabbits. I am so sorry I can no longer help anyone with baby bunnies, Susie

All baby bunnies leave Cherry Tree Warren with a birth certificate, care guide and a bag of food.

Pedigree papers are also available

Netherland Dwarfs are $90 each

Mini Lops are $90 each

Mini Plush Lops are $180 for males and $250 for females

Above prices are set unless stated otherwise beside a bunny for sale


No bunnies for sale at the moment



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