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Links & Acknowledgements

American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club (ANDRC)
They produce one of the best Official Guide Books for the breed which has just been updated to a new edition

British Rabbit Council (BRC)
Well, isn't that where it all started!

Budget Stockfeed
Lots of good supplies at great prices & the best rabbit food mix for $1.40 per kilo
125 Mornington-Tyabb Road (Cnr Progress Street)
Phone: 03 5975 5151

Fast Bunny Promotions
Have a look at Australia's fastest and most famous rabbit ~ and if you ever see a bloke walking around with a rabbit on his shoulder it will be Adrian!

Pets Station
Thanks Pets Station for all our exercise pens, a great price and only $10 for postage, you will need 24" high pens for rabbits!
Find them on eBay: pets-station

Rabbit Breeders Association of Victoria (RBAV)
Thanks to Jenny and the rest of your friendly and helpful team

Somerrabbits of Somerville
Thanks to Natalie for Toshi and Curly Wurly
Specialising in Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Lops, has pefect type breeding stock, so tiny! Also has some beaut guinea pigs
Phone: 0415 711 120

Text Management
For all your professional secretarial and typing needs, specialising in proofreading
PO Box 1157, Mornington Vic 3931
Phone/fax: 03 5975 0700

Waverley Wabbits
Great rabbit care information booklet which includes breeding and an extremely handy weight chart & it can be emailed for free
or go to

Web Design Witch
Affordable web design and hosting
Thanks Karen!


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