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Mini Lops


Cherry Tree Joey
Chocolate Plush buck


Joey is a live wire like his dad, Curly Wurly, was. This is a crazy baby photo but you can see where he gets his name from!


Cherry Tree Bobby
Lilac Frosted Pearl Plush buck


Another exceptional personality, as most of the Plush do!


Cherry Tree Naomi
Cinnamon doe


Naomi is our first Cinnamon, a beautiful colour and beautiful personality to match. Another bonus is she inherited the Plush gene!


Orange Plush doe


Esther is the prettiest little thing, another Orange, we are so lucky to have her and just hope we can make some more!


Cherry Tree Penelope
Broken Chocolate doe


Penelope is another gorgeous girl and a fantastic mum. She takes after her Great Great Grandmother, Phoebe, who was just the sweetest thing ever.


Cherry Tree Connie
Chocolate doe


Connie is Bobby's sister, she is a bit long in the face but has a beautiful Chocolate coat.


Cherry Tree Miss Daisy
Lilac doe

Miss Daisy

Daisy has a lovely temperament with just the right amount of cheekiness.



Mini Lops from the Past


Cherry Tree Georgy Girl
Lilac Frosted Pearl doe

Georgy Girl


Somerrabbits Curly Wurly
Chocolate Otter Plush buck

Curly Wurly


Lilac Otter doe



Bunnylovers67 Billy Elliot Billy
Broken Chocolate buck



Cherry Tree Cheeky Chops Cheeky
Chocolate Otter doe



Cherry Tree Phoebe
Broken Chocolate doe




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