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March 2014
Oh my gosh! Little Squishy (renamed Fluffy!) is the most AMAZING little bunny! A total smooch and wishes to be held constantly - the perfect pet for little Ollie and a delight to have around the house and garden. We love and adore him so much and thankyou for such a beautiful little bunny.
Kind regards, Liz



March 2014
Hi Susie, Tony has settled in and tamed down BEAUTIFULLY! He is loving his cuddles, scratches and combing, and is an exceptionally busy little bunny! He's mastered entry and exit from his cage via a ramp - and loves to use it as a race track, he's come along in leaps and bounds. I can't believe it, given it is only day three, and the night of day one he was still (understandably) quite frightened of me. He's a little champion!
Kind regards, Susie



October 2013
Hi Susie, I Just wanted to share some photos with you to show how Rosco has grown. He is a beautiful bunny! He has a great temperament and lots of personality, sometimes he will get excited to see me and run around his hutch (maybe because it's usually when I feed him) but still very cute. I'd like to thank you again for the friendly service and advice you offered me. I couldn't be more happy with Rosco, he is the perfect bunny. All the best to you and the babies at the warren.
Warm Regards, Will



April 2013
Hey Susie, Just thought I would let you know that Isis won best unrung in the Metro Young Stock Show :) She was against about 20 rabbits of both U14 weeks & U5 months. Very excited at this end :) I have attached a pic although its not very good as of course she didn't want to sit when we got home.



February 2013
Hi Susie, Just wanted to update you on our gorgeous little Isobel :) We are so happy to have her, she has a gorgeous nature and personality - she is here for life!! She is busy being a first time mum, with three 4 week old kits, PLUS being even more excellent in fostering 2 of another does kits! We are very proud of her.
Just wanted to let you know she is going great and thankyou so much for her!
Regards, Sam



February 2013
Hi Susie, Coco is possibly the worlds most loved pet ever! I had to drag the kids to bed last night and to school this morning and they were coming up with every excuse as to why they should stay home today. Coco seems to be settling in well too. We will keep in touch with her progress. Thank you so much, it's so lovely to see Annabelle and Michael so happy to have a pet again.
Regards, Kirsty


Annabelle & Coco

September 2012
Hi Susie, I have been meaning to email you about dear little Archie. He is just beautiful and has settled in very nicely. He spends a lot of time inside with all of us. Hugo loves to cuddle him while watching TV or reading on the couch. He is a very much loved member of the family.
Emma x



April 2012
Hi Susie, thought you might like to see photos of how gorgeous Pattie is, I am so happy with her. Hope all's well at your wonderful Warren.
Regards, Jackie


Tilly & Tate'O

March 2012
Thanks for the gorgeous photos Susie. Lucy has settled in very well & is enjoying lots of cuddles from her new mum. Jessie absolutely adores her & I think Lucy is becoming quite fond of her too. When we popped her in the hutch for the first time, it was very funny how the guinea pigs reacted. They were downstairs & heard a bit of commotion in the upstairs compartment. One came up & had a bit of a sniff & went down to tell his brother, Muffin. Muffin then bravely came up to check Lucy out. He poked his head in the sleeping place, squealed & ran very fast down the ramp again. Jessie & I couldn't stop laughing.
Thanks for letting us buy Lucy from you. She will be surrounded by lots love & care.
Cheers, Rebecca


December 2011
We bought your Netherland Dwarf, Jessie, from you. This is just a quick email to let you know that she has settled in beautifully and is a much-loved part of our little family already. She now goes by 'Tilly' (one Jess in the family is enough!) and spends her days with our Dwarf Lop boy, Tate'O. They bonded within a week and get along fabulously! Tilly made her debut as a classroom pet with Tate'O last week and was not phased in the slightest by the 10-year-olds and the car ride to and from school. They will be busy buns next year!
Thanks, Amy and Jess


Tilly & Tate'O

November 2011
Two years ago I purchased a bunny from you 'Fireman Sam'. He's happily plodding around the place, eating anything green in sight! He's a fabulous little fella. My sister is constantly trying to steal him for herself, so after speaking to her, I've decided to get her a bunny for Christmas. Seeing as Sam is such a gorgeous little guy, I'd love to get her one from you. Again, thanks so much for Sam - he's such a darl. And looking forward to dealing with you for another rabbit!
Kind regards, Lauren


October 2011
Dear Susie, I just wanted to let you know that Fred is a very happy little bundle of joy. He absolutely loves carrots, and fresh green leafy vegies. He enjoys hopping all over my backyard and even found a spot behind my bbq pit that no one can get him out of. He follows everyone around, hoping for a little cuddle or some pats and licks you to say "thank you".
Hope you have been well.
Kind Regards, Mae =)



September 2011
Hello Susie, I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you and your bunnies on Wednesday. Well Little Miss has settled in very well. I have two little plush lop girls that are only young and she is now in with them. They are extremely cheeky and the three of them are having a ball. That picture you have of miss Cheeky lying in the hole, I can see Little Miss in that!! She loves stretching out in odd places.
Thank you again for her. She is adorable! I'm very happy with her.
Regards, Vikki


September 2011
Hi Susie, I have attached some photo's of Hugo so you can see how much he has grown, he is such a gorgeous boy! Well behaved most of the time and full of character!
Kind regards, Maria



February 2011
Hi Susie and Ruby! Rupert and Dandelion have been bonding every couple of days and I haven't seen any signs of fighting, actually all I've seen is a lot of love! :) They groom each other now and today Rupert was laying down so Dandelion went and sat next to him and they were kissing! Very cute and exciting stuff! They run around kicking their legs about and eat together.


Dandelion & Rupert

November 2010
Hi Susie, have had a lovely weekend with our new arrival. Patsy has seemed to settle in well, with lots of cuddles and couch time!! She is eating well and seems reassured by the company of our other rabbit in the hutch nextdoor!! The kids adore her. She seems so quiet, you must have handled her quite a bit already. My husband doing the dishes worried her a bit today. Don't blame her. I get a bit worried about whats going on then too!!
Cheers, Jacinta

January 2010
Hi Susie, Just to let you know that Pop Tart is doing very well. Due to his colour he is now named William after the 17th century Dutch Prince, later King of Britain, i.e. William of Orange. Anyway he has settled in very nicely, has the most adorable personality and just seems to enjoy life. Loves the tunnel to play in, exploring, snuggles or just sitting around helping me work on the computer. Thanks again for bringing up such a delightful bunny. We will keep you updated on his progress.
Best wishes! Leonie and Ben



August 2009
Hi Susie & Ruby, nice to hear from you, I have heard of your stud & have visited your website before! I have only just started my stud, having used to breed Netherlands when I was a teenager & desiring to breed again as an adult. The set up of your stud was inspiration for mine!! I loved the way you had your cages set up in your yard with an area where you could let them out for a hop!!
Kind regards, Jackie

May 2009
Hi Susie and Ruby, Just to let you know "George" has settled in very well. Slav and I have had lots of cuddles with him and he seems very happy and is settling in nicely. He was a little timid at first, but we gave him a bit of space to build up his confidence to explore his new home and he quickly warmed to us and has had a couple of sleeps on Slav - in fact they almost dozed off together!
He's shown a bit of his adventurous side climbing up on our shoulders (where he seemed to really enjoy the view) and then had another very stretched out snooze draped across Slav's neck while he worked!! It was so funny...
Thank you for such a gorgeous rabbit - he really has a lovely nature.
Very best regards, Deb & Slav

April 2009
Hi Susie, Hope you had a lovely Easter with all your bunnies!!!
We wanted to let you know that "Wiskers Raymond" as he has been named by my daughter is doing fine. We all love him to bits and he really has some serious attitude, which is definitely needed when your owner is a four year old girl!
We also dig him so much that we are considering finding him a girlfriend. Are you able to put us in touch with someone who has the same breed but are not related?
Many thanks, Jenny & daughter Bliss

December 2008
Hi there, I just found your website and wanted to say our baby is going well. We bought Maximus from you about 6 months ago (from Ned and Netty?s March 2008 litter). Max is a house bunny and has free run of the whole house. He also goes outside on a long lead and harness for playtimes. Max is the centre of our house and is loved and spoiled immensely as our only pet! We love him dearly and the vets have all commented on what a stunning example of the breed he is.
Thanks for giving us our boy!
Love Megan and Jesse



December 2008
Dear Susie and Ruby, just to let you know that Charlie has settled in very well and seems to be enjoying his new home. Isobel is obsessed with him and spends many hours sitting by his cage chatting to him and feeding him or leaning over his little play pen. My girlfriend in Tasmania told me that you can wrap them in a bunny rug or nappy so that little ones can give them a hold and cuddle, this seems to be working well. Anyway wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year.
Cat, Rob, Isobel and Charlie xxx

November 2008
Hi Sue, just wanted to say what a great site you have and a super cute bunch of bunnies, a few more than last time I saw your rabbits. I bought a little Opal buck off you May of this year. ?Toby" as we called him, is doing really really well and is very handsome, a really nice chunky type and a great nature ;o) He has just fathered his third litter and all are very cute also.
Well if you get a chance have a look at my website and all my bunnies.
Take care, Lee
Lilthumpers Rabbitry

October 2008
Hey Susie, the website is lovely! It looks really good and you are using some great photos :) It's great to see Choccy all grown up! He is so adorable. I'm glad it's all going well for you :)
From Bree
Romany Rabbits

October 2008
Hi Susie, it looks like you?re keeping busy with everything. The website was fun to look at. Thanks for the pics of Ned & Netty, they make me laugh every time I see them.
And our little RB turned 1 a few weeks ago! :-) No, he had a treat but not the cupcake of course heh heh. Will be busy building him a vegie patch this weekend if its not too hot...
Rgds, Susan



October 2008
Hi there, just having a look at your web page and just thought I would let you know that it?s absolutely gorgeous, such nice bunnys and babys. Keep up the great work - I have a chinchilla buck who is 10 wks old and looks so much like your doe
Will bookmark your page, take care


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