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Accessories For Sale


Fruit Stick

Unipet Fruit Stick

A great way to keep your bunny's fruit & vegetables clean and a great toy too, the Nibble O's thread on them perfectly!
Overall length 17.5cm
Not suitable for leaving outside exposed to weather
(Nibble O's & vegetables not included)
$6.00 each

Watering kit

Kariboo Watering Kit

Good quality Australian made watering kit fits most water bottles. Kit includes cap, rubber stopper and ball point stainless steel tube.
You may have seen these retailing with a bottle included under the Lixit brand.
The 3 pieces pull apart for easy cleaning and you can use a fresh water bottle regularly with little cost.
$9.00 each

Corner Litter Trays

Corner Litter Trays

These large corner litter trays are suitable for a Mini Lop sized rabbit. The high corner prevents your bunny from weeing over the edge which can happen with a flat tray. They come with two fittings to attach it to bars on a cage.
42cm wide x 32cm deep x 21cm high at back
$30.00 each

Exercise Pens

These are the same as the ones I use and make a large enclosure, especially when attached to a hutch. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Made up of 8 panels, each panel is 24 inches (61cm) high x 24 inches wide with a door in one panel
(Sorry, no photo)
$50.00 each

Carry Cage

Carry Cages

I recommend this type of carry cage (or show cage) for rabbits, it's much easier to get your bunny in and out of, as opposed to the cat carrier style. You can open the door, which is the top, without them being able to escape and pat them or feed them if travelling and very easy to fix a water bottle to.
I have various colours in stock at different times: black, dark green, light blue, navy and watermelon.
$30.00 each

All above prices are inclusive of GST
All pictures are our own photography of actual items

Goods are available for pick-up only. Sorry, we do not ship or post goods.


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